Harsh Jhaveri

Vice President

Harsh is an entrepreneur having built a company in the sports infrastructure, entertainment & F&B sector over the last two years. He established Juggernaut Sports in 2015 launching a sports arena boasting a sports restaurant and futsal field in Ahmedabad. Juggernaut has now expanded to 5 venues and 4 cities in Gujarat and NCR and caters to more than 2.5 lakhs customers a year. Juggernaut also owns Ahmedabad Champions League, a football intellectual property boasting 10 top corporate franchises and employing Gujarat's top 100 players. Juggernaut currently has $0.2 million of annual operating profit.

Prior to establishing Juggernaut, he was a management consultant with Mckinsey & Co and worked in a gamut of sectors like automotive, industrials, private equity, pharmaceuticals. Harsh graduated in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2012. At IIT, he was very active in literary and cultural activities and went on to lead the student cultural body. He has been an active investor in public markets and is an avid sports enthusiast.